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Gray, blue or green, we'll keep 'em clean!

Automated notifications on the day before cleaning service, before & after photos on every cleaning service can be seen at any time, and in the event a can is damaged, we will help you by getting in touch with the local garbage service!

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We have multiple options to keep your cans sparkling clean.


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Once a month cleaning DELTA

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It's like MAGIC!

Our commercial grade system is designed to lift up your household garbage, recycling, and yard/compost containers directly over our specialized hydro jet system.

Once we start a cleaning cycle, it blasts a high-pressure jet (3000psi), at extremely hot temperatures, spraying de-ionized water and steam, while spinning 360 degrees!

Within minutes your cans are clean.

Since the cans are cleaned within our special hopper, all the excess wastewater passes through a series of filters into a large self-contained grey water holding tank on-board.

Then it’s recycled according to local regulations.

blue bin cleaning Vacaville, CA
Garbage Can Cleaning Vacaville, CA

A tidal wave of clean

Dirty cans need love

Our truck is custom fabricated to blast 200+ degree heated de-ionized water through a series of spinning pressurized jets. In just a few minutes, your garbage can is clean and fresh again!

blue bin cleaning Vacaville, CA
Garbage Can Cleaning Vacaville, CA


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Looking for a unique gift for a special someone? No matter what occasion or holiday it may be, the gift of fresh smelling garbage cans will always be a huge hit!

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Garbage Can Cleaning

Our goal is to exceed your expectations!

Garbage cans are an important part of your home, so we take
pride in making sure they stay clean and fresh for you!
can washers cleaning service company
steam service
Steam and extremely hot water break down the grime.
It not only cleans, it sanitizes too!
trash cans cleaning service
The residue from your trash can will empty onto our customized hopper, ensuring that we collect the nasty gunk and dispose of it properly.
curbside service

Curbside services like you’ve never seen before. Our garbage can cleaning truck works fast, cleaning two cans simultaneously.


Our garbage can deodorizer is sprayed after our cleaning. Leaving behind an organic long lasting scent.

Leave the Dirty Work to Us!

Once we complete the full cleaning cycle, we will send you a text
message informing you that the job is complete.
green bin can cleaning

We fix a sticker on the front of each clean can for easy identification for future cleanings.

If you’re part of a Home owner’s association (HOA), we have a letter we can provide them to ensure that when garbage day comes, they’re aware you are one of our customers.

This will remind them that you’re not only safe from being pestered about bringing up your containers, but you’re keeping the neighborhood smelling fresh!


Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our customers.

Most garbage routes have a pickup time for each of their services at different times. For example, garbage can be picked up in the early morning, while yard/compost is picked up after 3pm.

Due to the inconsistent time schedules, we know we can almost guarantee the next day it will be empty, and ready for a full cleaning and sanitizing service.

Unfortunately you can’t switch the cans that get cleaned each time. On monthly and quarterly cleanings, we place stickers on the front side of your garbage cans so we can identify which ones are to be serviced. We appreciate you adding a can to your plan to ensure we clean everything you’d like!

There are two ways that you will can find your cleaning days:

Log into your account: when you log onto your can washers account, click on the sidebar on the “Subscription details” tab to see when your next cleaning is.

• Text alerts: We try to make it easier on you by sending text messages the night before your cleaning, as well as the morning of your cleaning when our driver is on their way. When signing up make sure to select that you want to receive SMS text messages for this feature to work.

There are two different methods you can use to reschedule:

• Log into your account: On the left hand side of the account is a tab labeled “Availability Calendar”. When you click this, you will be able to select all dates that you are unavailable. Our system will automatically schedule your next visit beyond this date.

• Email us: If you are unable to log into your account, contact us by emailing OR you can call 800-901-1614.

We currently service:

  • Vacaville
  • Allendale
  • Dixon
  • Hartley
  • Fairfield
  • Suisun City
  • Elmira
  • Winters
  • Cordelia
  • Green Valley

About Us

Can Washers is a full-service curbside garbage can cleaning company that services hundreds of homes within Solano County.

We are the first of its kind! We automate our curbside garbage can cleaning services through the use of our custom software, and of course our amazing truck!

With over 20 years in the home service industry, we know what it takes to provide exceptional customer service to all of our clients.

Can Washers has a reputation for not only being a reliable provider of garbage can cleaning services, but we are a huge supporter of our amazing local community. You can find us supporting many little leagues, schools, hospitals and even our brave first responders!

You don't know you need it... until you see it!

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