Garbage Can Cleaning

Your Local garbage can cleaning service provider

Your LOCAL garbage can cleaning service provider

Are you tired of having a smelly garbage can? 

Can Washers provides professional garbage can cleaning services in Solano County. We can make even the filthiest trash cans as good as new again at a price you can afford. If you’re looking for an experienced garbage can cleaning company, there’s no better choice than Can Washers!

Hassle-Free Garbage Can Cleaning Serving Solano County

Keeping your garbage can nice and clean is no small task. It’s a haven for putrid smells and dangerous bacteria that can put you and your family’s health at risk.

At Can Washers, we handle the irksome cleaning process for you, giving you fresh, odor-free garbage cans!

Our team has extensive experience washing and sanitizing garbage cans of all shapes and sizes.

Let Can Washers Clean and Sanitize All Your Garbage Cans!

The Can Washers team uses an effective five-step garbage can cleaning process to rid your trash can of bacteria, odors, toxins, residues, and more. Our process is as follows.

On the day of your scheduled cleaning, place your empty grey bin on the street or in your driveway so our team can wash it upon our arrival. We will send you a text message to help you remember.

Once we arrive, our team starts the cleaning system engines, lifts your cans onto our hopper bin, and run a detailed cleaning cycle to eliminate any unwanted contaminants plaguing its interior.

After completing the cleaning process, we send you a text message to notify you that we washed your trash bin.

If you’re one of our monthly or quarterly subscribers, we place a sticker on the clean cans, so we can easily identify for the next cleaning service.

Finally, we place your cans in your desired location before leaving your property.

Industry Leaders

Can Washers takes pride in serving our community, and only want the best for our customers. That’s why we not only clean the best, but we use no chemicals to clean and sanitize your cans.

We want to protect our community and keep our neighborhoods pollution-free. We designed our cleaning trucks to catch all the contaminated water during the can washing process. Our truck stores the water until we finish cleaning. All contents cleaned from the cans are run through a series of filters, allowing us to haul it away and dispose of it in a responsible, eco-friendly manner.

Take Advantage of our Affordable Garbage Can Cleaning Services!

Our garbage bin cleaning service gives you more than just a clean and sanitized trash bin. It provides several benefits ranging from diminished rodent infestations to odor elimination.

Below are just some of the benefits our grey bin cleaning in Vacaville, CA, provides:

We take the stress out of garbage can cleaning, allowing you to focus on more important matters! Your “garbage can cleaning service near me” search is over.

Save Time and Money with Can Washers!

We are your premier garbage can cleaning company that can handle all your needs at a price that fits your budget.

Tired of dirty, smelly, pest ridden trash cans?