Garbage Can Cleaning

About Us

About Our Company

Built in the USA, our commercial grade cleaning system is purpose built for a stress-free process. One cleaning is all it takes to discover the difference clean garbage cans make!

At Can Washers, we fully understand the need for trash can cleaning. After all, we clean them and know how dirty they can get!

We are a curbside garbage can cleaning and sanitization company. We offer high-quality cleanings at affordable prices.

Eco-friendly garbage can cleaning protects your family and neighborhood from vermin problems, diseases, and foul odors. Here at Can Washers, we make the entire process as simple and streamlined as possible.  

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Why Should You Clean
Your Garbage Cans?

Garbage cans are not only smelly, they’re full of bacteria.
It’s the ideal breeding ground for flies, maggots and other harmful substances that are found on touch points of a garbage can lid or handle that have a potential to make you sick.

What About Recycling or Yard Waste Cans?

No matter how well you clean up your recyclables, yard or compost cans, food remnants and liquids find their way out of a tied up bag.

 Especially when the garbage truck is tilting them upside down while being dumped on pickup day, leaking out into the container.

blue bin cleaning Vacaville, CA
Garbage Can Cleaning Vacaville, CA

Our Trash Can Cleaning

At Can Washers, we have created a cleaning process that’ll make your garbage cans sparkle!


We are here for you!

We are available in multiple service areas throughout Solano and Yolo Counties. We’re ready to help you beat the stink and never have to deal with smelly cans again!

Tired of dirty, smelly, insect infested cans?