Our customers like to say..

You don’t know you need it…until you see it!

At Can Washers, our service leaves you with garbage cans so clean.. your neighbors will want to use them (or at least get our number!). Our garbage can cleaning service is effective against stinky smells, along with the nuisance of flies, bugs, and rodents drawn to organic compost. Not to mention rotting foods or drinks that may have spilled inside your can.

Our commercial grade system is designed to lift up your household garbage, recycling, and yard/compost containers directly over our unique hydro jet system. Once we start a cleaning cycle, it blasts a high-pressure jet (3000psi), at extremely hot temperatures 200+°F, spraying de-ionized water and steam, while spinning 360 degrees! Within minutes your cans are clean.

Our automated equipment cleans, sanitizes, and deodorizes your cans without the use of harsh chemicals, just clean water!

How it WORKS

What to expect on your cleaning day

Once a Month Cleaning

$24 2x Cans Included

Once a Quarter Cleaning

$38 2x Cans Included

One Time

3x Cans Included

Automated scheduling, reminders, and billing will give you peace of mind.

Garbage cans are an important part of your home, so we take pride in making sure they stay clean and fresh for you!

Are you ready to start service?

Can Washers is your friendly neighborhood garbage can cleaning company. Our business is to provide convenience, and value to the communities we serve. We understand how important your time is and how it’s the small things that contribute to a cleaner home; clean garbage cans are one of those things!

You can expect a direct and seamless experience from start to finish. We’ve made it easy to sign up for our service – you are literally a few clicks away from never having to clean your garbage can yourself again.If you need help, please Contact us at 800-901-1614 or email us: and get yourself the VIP garbage cleaning service you deserve!

Tired of Dirty, smelly, pest ridden garbage cans?