Garbage Can Cleaning

Garbage Can Cleaning in Vacaville, CA

For garbage can cleaning in Vacaville, CA

Garbage Can Cleaning in Vacaville, CA

For garbage can cleaning in Vacaville, CA

#1 Garbage Can Cleaning Expert in Vacaville, CA

Garbage cans can release foul odors that permeate throughout the interior and exterior of your house. This unpleasant odor can lead to many problems such as bacterial disease and rodent infestation.

One of the best ways to eliminate this odor is to invest in garbage can cleaning in Vacaville, CA.

Can Washers is your go-to resource for next-day garbage cleaning services. With years of waste management experience, our licensed and insured contractors can eliminate foul odors from your garbage and recycling bins.

We’re a Team of Experienced Garbage Can Cleaners

The garbage can cleaning process requires the expertise of an experienced professional. Our team consists of over 20 years worth of home service industry experience. Coupled with our custom truck and eco-friendly technology, we’re the best option for keeping your cans clean and sanitary!

With the services provided by our knowledgeable team, you will not have to worry about smelly trash cans again. 

Our affordable trash bin cleaning rates keep our customers coming back for more. We offer a one cleaning per month package at a rate of $24 per can, and we charge another $9 for every additional can. This is just one of our current plan offerings!

We recognize that customer feedback is the lifeblood of any home service business. That is why we encourage our friendly neighbors to share their thoughts on their garbage can cleaning experience from us. 

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We offer residential garbage can cleaning services for our Vacaville clients. Call our office to learn more about our process and discover the Can Washers difference! Home of the “Stink Free Guarantee”

Eco-Friendly Garbage Can Cleaning in Vacaville, CA and Surrounding Areas

At Can Washers, we use only environmentally-friendly cleaning products to scrub your garbage cans. 

We treat our customers like family. It is our priority to treat you with the utmost respect and accommodate your needs to the best of our abilities. Need us to bring your garbage totes down to the street? We will even put them back for you. Just make sure to leave us a note within your account page.

We also give back to the environment with our eco-friendly garbage can cleaning services in Vacaville, CA. Our truck contains the dirty water from your trash can and our professional techs run all dirty water through a series of filters before we dispose of it properly. We do not let it contaminate storm drains, that is what makes us stand out above the rest.

Why is it Important to Clean Your Garbage Can?

Cleaning your garbage can is vital for many reasons. We recommend doing it at minimum 4 times per year to keep smelly cans under control.

Prevent Intruding Animals

One of the most important reasons you must clean your garbage bins is to avoid pests invading your property. Smelly trash bags attract creatures, such as rodents, raccoons, and even stray dogs.

These animals can wreak havoc on your trash barrels and possibly enter your home. Our trash bin cleaning service dissuades pests and other animals from gathering near your trash cans.

Many animals carry diseases that can harm you and your household. Protect yourself by investing in a garbage can cleaning in Vacaville, CA.

Prevent Maggots

Flies are attracted to the foul odors that a dirty trash can releases. Garbage cans are an ideal spot for a fly to reproduce due to the humidity and moisture of an unsanitary garbage can.

The best way to avoid the horrible issue of maggots, and protect your family from the diseases they spread, is with a thorough and consistent garbage can cleaning service.

Get Rid of that Stinky Smell!

Fluids spill out and seep through your trash bags and into the bottom of your bin.

This fluid is often a mixture of spoiled substances and bacteria that produce that terrible smell. Our process eliminates the smell through our hot water jets and steam at over 200 degrees, without any harsh chemicals. It will naturally deodorize through this sanitizing processes, completely removing the source of the odor. We add a nice smelling organic blend of essential oils after completion for longer lasting deodorizing. 

Fresh & Clean Air 

Everyone knows when you let items sit in your garbage bin for a few days, the smell becomes unbearable. Even when your local trash service collects your waste, there is a leftover odor that is unpleasant.

We can help eliminate this smell, ensuring that you never have to cover your nose when you’re around your garbage can! 

Eliminate Germs

If anything from inside the garbage gets onto any of the common touch points of your garbage can (handles, lid etc) several germs and pollutants that can cause you to become ill might come into contact with you. Many bacterial diseases can spawn from trash cans. Even the most intentional and mindful homeowners can’t avoid the growth of these harmful bacteria… but they can work to eliminate it with proper can cleaning with Can Washers!

To protect yourself and your family, make sure to start service today and get added to our schedule. We work hard to sanitize your garbage bins and  eliminate the potential for contamination to smallest percentage possible.

Improve Curb Appeal

Curb appeal refers to how presentable your home looks to potential buyers. If you plan to sell your home soon, you should want it to look as valuable as possible.

Our garbage can cleaning service in Vacaville, CA can improve the aesthetic appeal of your garbage bins, making a lasting impression on homebuyers or even the new tenants moving in. Several realtors utilize our company to give a nice gift to their new clients.

Start Service Today

Let Us Take Care of Your Garbage Can! 

The first step on your journey toward a clean garbage can is to find a service plan you like best, and get registered. If you have any questions, one of our customer service team members are available to answer any questions you may have about the process or pricing.

We will instruct you to leave your empty garbage cans in front of your driveway the day after trash day. Our cleaning truck is capable of washing two cans simultaneously.

During registration, you’ll see the date we are out to clean in your neighborhood for your garbage bins. We will notify you at 9am the morning before cleaning  day. You’ll also receive a text SMS when we are en route to your home. You’ll be able to watch our cleaning process, and we will even show off our customized trucks’ specialized technology to sanitize and deodorize every inch of your bins. 

When we finish cleaning your empty cans, we will send you a text informing you that your garbage bins are clean.

For each can that we deodorize, we place a sticker on the front (monthly and quarterly customers only). During registration, don’t forget to let us know where you’d like our team to leave your bins.

The best time to eliminate your garbage bin odors is the day after trash collection day. This scheduling strategy ensures the garbage cans are empty and we can get them as clean as possible, as soon as possible!

Frequently Asked Questions

We receive many customer questions about our garage bin cleaning services in Vacaville, CA. Keep reading to get some answers to some of your most common questions!

How Do I Pay for Your Garbage Can Cleaning Truck in Vacaville, CA?

We make payment easy for our clients. You can pay using our online customer login portal. Update or change the credit card you want used, we made it simple! Please note that we do not currently accept cash transactions.

Can You Also Clean My Neighbor’s Bin?

If your neighbor wants to use our service, they must book an appointment on our website. We record your specific bins, which is why you cannot swap your garbage cans with each other on different cleaning days.

Keep Your Garbage Can Clean with Can Washers! 

Keeping your garbage can sanitary should be a priority for Vacaville, CA homeowners. Our trash can cleaners will ease your mind, providing you with fresh, sanitized, and deodorized bins quickly and efficiently.

We offer garbage can cleaning in Vacaville, CA for residential properties. No longer will you have to plug your nose before opening your trash can lid or scour the internet searching for a “garbage can cleaning business near me.”

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