Garbage Can Cleaning

Can cleaning Services

Can cleaning Services


Let Can Washers turn the tide on those smelly cans!
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When it comes to your garbage bin, you might think that a
quick rinse with cool water from the garden hose will do. But
this could lead to bacteria like Salmonella and E Coli
breeding in those dirty containers!

Not only does this make for an unpleasant experience when cleaning but also potential health risks if these germs are left there too long without ever being cleaned properly.

A good way of preventing any nasty surprises later on down the line would be investing in a garbage can cleaning company you can trust.

That’s why Vacaville residents can benefit from our services. Our thorough process involves cleaning and sanitizing your dirty bins. Additionally, our services include automated scheduling, reminders, and easy billing. Our plans include:


Once a Month Cleaning

$24 2x Cans Included

Once a Quarter Cleaning

$38 2x Cans Included

Once a Year

$50 2x Cans Included

Process & Cost of Can Cleaning

There’s plenty of value in can cleaning in Vacaville, CA. The main
benefit being the elimination of 99% of garbage cans’ germs. Not only will this leave your garbage cans smelling good, but you can reduce potential risks like rodents or harmful bacteria. Our process is straightforward:

Expect the Best Can Cleaning Services in Vacaville, CA With Can Washers!

At Can Washers, we pride ourselves on being an expert trash can washing service in Vacaville, CA. We are proud to offer
affordable and effective services that will keep your garbage cans clean and
sanitized. This will help keep pests like rodents and insects away while also maintaining the beautiful aethetic of your home.

Our customer care includes monthly scheduled services, excellent for homeowners and businesses alike. With our expert team by your side, you can beat the stink and never have to worry again.

Keep Your Garbage Cans Looking New with Can Washers

You might be thinking to yourself, “Why would I need to hire someone to clean my garbage bins?”

Here’s why:

While you might be able to clean your bins yourself, attempting to do this job is unpleasant but most importantly not safe. Our customized truck heats the water to over 200 degrees allowing for us to kill all the germs living in your cans without the use of any harsh chemicals. After our rinse cycle we will use a deodorizer to get rid of any lingering smells. Once we leave, your cans will be left in your driveway looking brand new!

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